Inspiring the Web with Just 10k

With so much of an emphasis on front-end frameworks and JavaScript runtimes, it’s time to get back to basics—back to optimizing every little byte like your life depends on it and ensuring your site can work, no matter what. The Challenge? Build a compelling web experience that can be delivered in 10kB and works without JavaScript.

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Emil Björklund
Dashingly Responsive

Like Morse code and Telegraphy in the 19th century, a simple technology changed the world when the Web came along. Going further down the stack, TCP/IP is said to be ”simple enough that you can run it over two cans and a piece of string”. Similarly, a web page is, at its simplest, just a piece of text sent down a wire. Riffing on that, this page converts itself to Morse code, both visually and using the Web Audio API. There's also a fair bit of CSS play going on.

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